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Lost in the Terrible

It is true we have so much to be thankful for and we should never complain. I know this stuff, you know this stuff. 

However, it is March and winter has been long and I think I will just say what's been my struggle in the whole "happy bit". I can take a little bit of hard. Scratch that. I can take a whole lot of hard. I am brave. I am strong. And then, there is sickness and schedules and meetings galore, and then, there is no time to have heart to heart talks with husband and children, everything is on the run, like fast food, and eventually there is a break down. Enough of the ands, right?

Also, there are precious few moments to read a Bible verse or two or breath a little prayer. So, I shove on hoping this luxury will simply fall out of the sky, yet knowing if I want this to happen I will have to make it happen. Somehow. Meanwhile,I squeak out a "Help!" and wait for relief. 

Getting lost in the Terrible of Life, just happens sometimes. While it doesn't seem I get anywhere spiritually doing all this stuff I do, I realize Someone must be holding me through these times. Someone provides the strength needed in my lowest parts of living. It is in my lowest, neediest times God's grace becomes enough.

Also, when I walk through emotional pain and relational issues and lowest of the low physical times, I am finally brought face to face with the end. I can only begin to identify with Christ's sufferings when I have a glimpse of my own. 

I must go low to see God in the terrible. I must go into the terrible  and get free of myself; found in Christ.

 When Christ, who is our life shall appear, then shall you also appear with Him in glory. Col 3:4


  1. Yes amen. Look for and wait for a God moment. That's my coping give.

  2. Real life can't cope without Him. That's me, needy.


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