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Yesterday after school I took a walk around the block to snatch a picture of this forsythia tree...

 School whizzed by this week and when 3:00 p.m. arrived I locked up the classroom and left...Which means we will have to go back today to do the cleaning. It's OK, we have to clean the church auditorium too. And the house. And we need to get Laife's pictures made so I can send out the graduation invites to the relatives. The girls want to go to the thrift stores...hopefully I can find a collage frame there for graduation table. It's getting very Spring though, I might scratch as much as I can from that list and go dig in the dirt. That would be the best thing...

 I have a couple writing assignments due and can't find the inspiration to do it. It is the fault of life. Not mine. :) I'd much rather talk about my kids and about how to be a good mom to them while I still have them. Because all this cramming, trying to graduate, has given me a host more gray hairs...(thank God for hair color).

 And I'm not such a good mom. I tend to feel hysteria when they still do things that I am sure they know better. I don't want to think about my seventeen year old, who pulled a couple shenanigans this last week, being out on his own soon. He did apologize and is on board with mending his ways...I should calm down.

 Bruce is handling these situations so beautifully. Mostly in the way he tells me to chill and accept my children, even when they fail at something...And also in the way he thinks my hysteria is funny and cute...and that we cannot see ourselves and that I too could be guilty of the things I am concerned about for my son, like dishonesty and sneakiness...Ouch! Did I not have enough reminders lately of how I am just like the Pharisees in the Bible? 

So... instead I pray very hard and God works it all out better than either of us ever could, which is pretty much a win/win. It has made me worship this week... watching God step in and do His thing...So much available power...Amen!

I chose one evening to go hang with my friends. It was a good choice. Friendship at forty is so much more fulfilling. We have no competitions. We all have gray hair. We all crave chatter and giggles and times without the kids or husbands.We say more to each other by simply relating to each others lives and find it more comforting just to state the facts and understand the details without all the explanations. Its just easy...all but the selfie fail...our waitress had mercy on us.

 Big news here...Bruce is accepted into nursing school! We were planning this way of course, but it feels like a giant leap of faith. I sometimes wonder why? We are forty. It's time to already be done with so much craziness. God has never said that though, and we are finally realizing He asks us to come out of our comfort zones to do His thing.

My sixth graders had to write a character sketch this week. Shaunti chose her dad. His main character is "Adventurous"...I'd say she chose right. That she was able to write this after all the intense weeks of waiting and short tempers flaring is nothing short of a miracle to me. That girl loves her daddy...

The Senior class is doing their fundraiser yard sale this weekend. Laife has been helping in be tween his job and studies. He sleeps only a little right now. Me too because of it.

      I don't know what to say about the next three pictures...I guess Toria was experimenting and trying to prove how much they all look alike...wait, do I see whiskers?

Zee eyes...zay are so vaydee scaydee... I think she is a happy person most the not be frightened...
I can almost read this one's mind...she is thinking...Toria, you are funny...pretend all you want dear sister, but we do not look alike no matter how I twist my nose or hold my lips. But because I love you, I will oblige you... please note how my mouth is sorta sneering at you and my eyes say... Ha! Ha!

Have a good weekend...remember to pray and read your Bible...keep things simple...


  1. PS...when is your family going to go to FL to see Grandma and Grandpa and go sailing?? :-)

  2. Beautiful people on all your pictures. Go Laife! I say. NEXT time I'm out there we MUST go out for an evening like that with all you all . PLEASE?????


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