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Let Our Joys Be Known

So, recently I came across this writer/blogger while reading my niece, Lisl's blog: I have been really enjoying Lisl's writings lately as well, so check her out, but the other gal I keep thinking about says something on her homepage that I have always felt but didn't know how to put into words.

Let me explain. I struggle with how to know if what I write is safe for human consumption or if it should be shared at all. I mean, why bother cluttering up a nice person's brain with more useless info that can actually drag a person down if not monitored correctly? Also, the fact that even harmless, fluffy chatter can take up valuable time and space. Who needs that?

 Christy at says it just right about why she writes what she writes. It is all about bragging about Jesus Christ and to lead others to bragging rights about Jesus.  The main goal of sharing our hearts deepest woes should be to also share how Jesus is at work in our lives through all of them. I love that goal.

And then of course, my Sunday inspiration hit while singing the first hymn yesterday morning. We sang: Come we that love the Lord, and let our joys be known... That got my attention. How many times our joys and sorrows run a fine line, How often our sorrow turn to joy after working through them, and to let then be known brings glory to God. I was happy to be reminded of that and under control, but by the second verse I was wanting to raise holy hands in praise, when we sang: May speak their joys abroad... I didn't raise my holy hands of course, that would be frowned on as being too emotional, but by the next phrase that hit in the third stanza, I was ready to do cartwheels down the aisle. This isn't word for word because the complete thought was phrased in reverse, but it says something like: Before we reach the heavenly fields; we will walk through Zion here on earth ,where life will yield a thousand sacred sweets, The sacred sweets being, again, those joys and sorrows that turn to joys. The last verse says again: Let our songs abound... and, we're marching through Immanuel's ground. (God with us) while we march.

I think everyone at our church can be glad I don't go with these urges of waving and jumping and hollering. That would be disturbing and distracting to see an almost 40 year old woman carrying on in this manner, not to mention my poor husband sitting beside me without a clue of my inward struggle to be quiet. It's good I can later write about it calmly.

In the evening we went to a mini family reunion picnic with cousins that were driving through the area. We sat and listened to an old friend give their personal story full of sorrows and joys, joys that arrived at the end of those sorrows. It was bragging rights for Jesus in the highest manner and I went home glorifying GOD for all that he does in our lives. Every. Single. Day. And for the zeal, to let our joys be known by speaking them abroad.


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