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Friendship, Dogs, and Dishes

 SO, if a phone is used to take a picture of four people at once, is it still a selfie?
 One last girls night out before I start teaching and turn into: "One Who Never Has Time To Do Anything Fun." And this was fun, I am sure. Although, I went home feeling as if I was lacking in communication skills. Also, I felt frumpy. And old. And dull and tired. Sorta washed up to shore.
  We traversed this famous alley in Sandpoint and it made me sink even deeper into self pity and gloom. I left looking for some good in life and the need to know what that even was.
 Friendship is a very good thing, and there were a few times of girlfriend laughter in the evening. That alone, made it worth while and encouraging...Wow! Don't you love my cheesy grin? I have know idea what that was about...maybe I thought I would look younger...
 My friend Jo, whom I hardly ever see and who has the knack for making life fun!
 Stand back and be amazed. Or grossly inspired by bubble gum art. Or just look at the whole alley and say as my mom would say... "And so what?"
 Shaunti is in her 7th heaven when she gets to love on two dogs at once.  She goes so far to say that Rocky and Snoopy are cousins, because that is the relationship of the owners.  Hhmm. Can dogs be cousins?

 My newest, very happy spot... An old barn board sanded and polished and hung... And bright, colorful dishes to gaze at when all else seems dull in the kitchen.
Hope you enjoyed the random journey of our lives... Soon, we all start back to school with a vengeance. I know no more than this today...


  1. Do you have any idea how amazing it is to go spend an evening with those old gold friends? I understand the jaded feeling you had though. But Kristy and JoAnna are goldies. Amen and Amen. Selah. And sisters are too. But sometimes they're necessary evils too! :)

    1. Yes, I know. Those friends make life a little bit more everything! I am very thankful for these sister chics!


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