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My Life Is Like A Zip Line

      By nature, I am not the most adventurous person. Actually, to be completely truthful, I am not at all adventurous. Great times for me usually involve cool, clean water or a nice long hike in the mountains, and hopefully, the hike in the mountains won't be too long and difficult. My definition of a really good time would be a coffee shack on the top of one of those mountains, where I would be served an americano with a dollop of cream.
     Thankfully, God has seen fit to give me a husband who likes high adventure and is always up for a challenge of any kind.  God has also seen fit to provide me with good friends who literally nudge me off my comfy spot and push me into the great unknown and excitement of real living.
      Such was the case at our recent family reunion. I had talked bravely of going off the zip line and thought it looked easy as I watched many little children do it as if it were a swing or merry-go-round. It looked safe.
      Until my sister-in-law got me up there on the platform all strapped in. Suddenly, the ropes around my waist and legs seemed a bit flimsy and the brake for the cable seemed a little oily or loose. I looked out over that depth and quaked. My legs trembled while I stood there gathering strength to let go and glide. The longer I looked at the whole thing, the bigger and badder it got. Finally after a few tears of frustration over my pathetic frailty, I let go and began the ride.
     AND, it was not the thrill I thought it was gonna be, it was not scary, and it was border line boring. When I reached the end, I got off and walked the foot path back to the zip line platform. The foot path was longer than the ride itself. I decided half way back that I was going to try it again just to truly know it was NO BIG DEAL. Guess what? The second time was no big deal.
      Later, another friend suggested I try it backwards and tip my head over to look below the whole ride. She felt sure that would give me a little more excitement.  No doubt.
     When I told my husband I had gone off the zip line, he grinned and said "Good for you. Have you ever gone of the boys camp swing?" and then he proceeded to tell me about a young female cousin that went off the swing without hesitation of any kind, probably about the same time I was braving the zip line. My husband is really proud of me way down deep inside somewhere. Surely. He hasn't led me to believe that. It's just the story I tell myself to feel better and maybe a little bit brave.
      Maybe someday, I will tell you about the 'Boys Camp Swing'.   All you need to know for now, is that is scary for most. I do mean MOST.
       Life can be looked at with too much caution, so that the challenges seem bigger than they really are. The thing to do is fix your eyes on your goal and not look down at the depth and be distracted by fears and doubts.  When you finally conquer your fears, get up and do it again, knowing that God has gone before, helping you to gain trust in the ride.