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Prefab Christians and Thirty Day Challenges

 I am starting a discussion:

I just got a CBD catalogue in the mail. Every time I page through one of those, I get this incredible feeling of too much, It's just too much to keep up with; those who are now being called popular and notable. Hello! Why do I even care?

 What is making these persons noteworthy? Their followers, the people who are swallowing every new thing hook, line, and sinker. People who are made to feel good about their faults, maybe. I don't know.  Maybe it's all good and I'm the rebel.

I've always striven to be original. Maybe even a little unique. Most the time though, I just end up feeling that I am strange, different, and not normal. And then, I read one of those magazines about who's who in the Christian world and think its all one in the same.

How should I be? Maybe it's OK to be popular in mainstream Christianity. Maybe it's really no big deal and not so wrong to have a following because of published books or having 30 years of being a pastor under your belt, but I feel something is missing when I look at it that way.

I don't want someones prefab Bible Study book. I want to read my Bible myself and be convicted as the Holy Spirit falls on me. Life is throwing me enough to keep up with; I don't need some other persons 30 day challenge to perk up my prayer life. Or do I?

So, how should I be?  Should I stop making such a big deal about being so singularly independent? Do I think I am so special, that I don't need 30 day challenges? If those pastors of 50 years experience are leading people to Christ and in ways that better serve Him, who am I to judge?

I think what is overwhelming, is the idea that if you follow a certain formula, all will go well with you and that you might be able to spare yourself a few of life's tests. Well, I say what is life without a few tests? And how does one grow without wading deeper into the waters of living, regardless of what is seen on the surface?

I'm not really as brave as I sound. I don't like challenges and tests, naturally, But I've experienced what happens when you are forced to face those things. In other words, I like the results of having pushed myself through those times and maybe even growing a little spiritually along the way.

Maybe I should go write my own book about what I've learned and then you can read how to do what I did. Some one put it into words for me. Tell me what is missing in this picture and why does this bother me?


  1. I don't want to be the only one commenting here because I'd like to hear too what other's point of views on this are. One thing I read not long ago said something about we put people in these elevated positions in ministry and when they fall they have so much further to fall. My question is why do main stream popular pastors/ authors/ artists and Mennonite folk as well, allow themselves to be placed in popularity or just why do we elevate the positions so much? And ya, why the reading of much books and 30 day challenges? Tired here too. I'd love to hear discussion as well!

  2. Well, that went well. :) I go do real life for three days, come back here, see how many were inspired to share, and find this.... Hhhmm. Maybe I should keep my day job. Thanks all for reading... :) I'll try to come up with more worth your time reads... Cheerio!

  3. :) I hear ya! There is a lot of racket going on out there, isn't there? My thoughts didn't go very far cause my brain often feels too fuzzy these days to philosophize too deeply, but I did think about like all the books and things out there offered, that even tho to many of us it sounds like a clanging din of some searching, seeking soul, it may turn out to be the lifeline they need....that they might not have otherwise found....or I guess that is debatable but is late so I should not try to think any harder! :) Love you!


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