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Fall Thoughts


Yesterday I finally wrote on here and posted, then went to my computer to re-check things, and somehow deleted it.

So back to the drawing board. Because I do want to say this thing that needs to be said. Now, I think it'll be short and to the point instead of being diplomatic and politically correct.

I got sideswiped. Taken out of the game. Plowed over. Whatever you call it when life is humming along and you think you are handling things. I'd been studying the Full Armour of God and was being made super aware that those daily trials of getting along with people, especially with those in my house, were the fiery darts of the wicked. So knowing this, I was a little shocked to find myself wiped out of commission. 

Meanwhile thinking about Jesus' words to come to Him...the weary and heavy find rest in our souls. He woos me with this thought...learn of ME... for I am meek and lowly of heart. 

So maybe I wasn't as sideswiped as I thought. Maybe I had to go through the muck and quicksand to get to the meek and lowly of heart part.

Satan's tricky like that. He gets you to believe a lie and to become defeated and overwhelmed because someone treated you "wrong". Self pity and self righteousness are where he has tripped me in the past, now he's coming at me from another angle...the unpredictable one.

One last tactic Satan uses is good causes or human rights or world justice. They all appear like something we should "do our part" in. And if you can do your part without losing sight of how Jesus fights for honor and truth and respect, then go for it! But what I see happening is eyes off the power of Jesus to heal, mend, and redeem, and on to humans trying to fix things and take over the control of emotions and thinking for whoever will listen. Getting praise and worship and a following for something every Christ follower should already be actively doing, quietly in his corner. 

The tendency is to be so involved to end world hunger and anger,(wouldn't that be nice?) that one forgets to let the Holy Spirit do His very personal work on individuals. 

Christ followers are not reading their own Bibles. They are letting others do the reading and interpreting so they can be out doing things. No one can read your Bible for you. No one can put in your prayer time for you. If you must be joining good causes and advocating for human rights, then first learn of Jesus. Learn how to do those things like Jesus would do them. More of Jesus, less of me and what I think I know.

You don't have to let everyone know who you agree with. It doesn't change anything to be one more voice in all the clamour of our day. The best thing you can do is to watch and pray and learn of Jesus. It will make a difference. It will glorify Jesus. It will change your perspective. You will find rest in your soul.