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Let's Talk About the Daffodils


It's just too much. So much 'WOKE'. It reminds me of my Grandpa Skrivseth, whenever the conversation would get too deep or too divisive or if there was too much innuendo about anything...he would clear his throat and say, "Let's talk about the daffodils".That doesn't seem to work these days. It seems if a person chooses not to join one of the movements publicly, on some kind of social media platform, that in itself has become a platform of a kind. We have been forced into saying, feeling or thinking something. Just pick something. If you don't, you will be bullied or judged or altogether dropped as if you have no value that you ponder, pray, and meditate on the things of the Spirit privately.Whereas Jesus promoted privacy over noise, commotion, and commerce. Read Matthew 5, 6, and 7. It's all very clear what Jesus wants from us.Might I suggest a way to promote Jesus while being a peacemaker that is quiet, stedfast, and involved? It takes a bit of explaining but I think you will get the allegory here if you stick with me.I think what we are all feeling is that we do not want to 'play second fiddle' to anyones cause. We want our heart, our burdens, and our struggles to be 'woke' in others. We are tired of being misinterpreted and misunderstood. We want to be needed and important in our communities. We ARE WOKE. How dare a Christian...a Christ follower be accused of anything less. Of course we're kind and loving and forgiving. Of course, we would never promote racism, prejudice, slavery in any form, or sex trafficing. Of course, justice should be served. OF course of course of course.Second fiddle...What is the meaning of it? The term is known to be as saying something is of lesser value. However, in an orchestra to be second fiddle or violinist, is of equal importance. Possibly, the second violinist has a more difficult job because he has to play more staccato, has to be more intricate at keeping pace with the first violinist. He supports all the notes that make the first violinist's piece stand out. Without the second violinist accompaniment the first's notes aren't heard as intented. They simply need each other to make the piece beautiful and complete. They highly value each other and their parts to play.So I think it would be wise of us to remember who our First Violinist is. And that we view ourselves as the second violinist. The second player promotes the first player only. That is his ultimate job. He dares not go off on his own pretty tune or try to do the job of the first. I believe that is where we mess up. We get so carried away with promoting OUR rights FOR justice around the world via social media that we forget to promote and work alongside our First Violinist. Working as second violinist is challenging, especially when it seems the First Violinst forgot his part. Or is we panic and go do something because you can't be one of those people who look like they do nothing. Or don't care.Jesus wanted workers in his vineyard, but he wanted them to be promoting Him as God and Lord of their lives first. That's what he still wants. When that happens He brings the work to you. Everyday there is work in the vineyard. It's good to work and do and be something. Just make sure your work's source is being done with the redemptive love of Jesus rather than the guilt, shame, and growing fear being plastered all over the internet these days.Redemptive love forgives, doesn't judge, and thinks of long term ways to heal all past hurts through the blood of Jesus. Redemptive love changes your thinking. Your mind is trained for the long road ahead of you, through redemptive love, by thinking the best about the hard stuff in your life. Redemptive love does not dwell on the ugly and evil or its past hurts. Rather, it dwells on the future of heaven, forgiveness of sins, and freedom through the blood of Jesus.If you can shine all that while working as second violinist, you are of the best kind, making a beautiful piece with the First Violinist...and I think there will be a few daffodills to talk about along the way.