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Bread and Randomness

Every now and again I go dead in the writing world. It's not on purpose, its just that the energizer bunny in me fizzles out. The month of January had a way of wiping me out, if not physically, at least mentally.

This year I stayed well physically, which is nice when you are a schoolteacher. But alas, I went astray mentally. The winter SAD hit hard, I had seven writing assignments due and then overdue, got them finished and pphhhtt... Done...No more...That's all she wrote...

So in thinking it all over and wondering what of value I would have to say to the outside world, I came up empty. No one needs to know about the going through and cleaning out a closet of forty- too- many dresses smashed in there. Every one is already informed about how to have a capsule wardrobe, how to get rid of stuff like dishes and clothes and not used items laying around. While minimalism was cool, I was busy doing a job. Now that I'm finally catching on, its pretty basic and boring to most.

But the basics are kinda where I am. In every aspect, I really like the idea of doing, feeling, and dwelling only on the basic. White and clean make me less SAD. Less chatter and more answers, please. Water and sunlight and the Words of Jesus are enough.

Meanwhile, I live in a very real world where people are concerned with what they will eat and drink and wear on their bodies. It kinda matters that I do my job and be present in it. 

I read John 6 this morning and heard the words of Jesus loud and clear. Here is another time Jesus broke away from the crowds to clear his head, maybe nourish his soul. Most the time he goes into the mountains for refreshment (we should learn from this). In this chapter Jesus performs the miracles of feeding 5,000 people, walking across water, and then once in the boat, he causes it to be suddenly there, to its destination. I so want to have a boat ride like that some days, skip the ride and be there...Yup.

I'm studying all about how to make gluten free sourdough bread, yes its a thing. I have been on a search for yummy bread since the day I stopped eating it, in the wheat sense. So I was happy to read the words of Jesus this morning and the parallels my brain got from all that bread talk.

 Jesus, in trying to explain why he performed the bread miracle, said, "I Am". He tried to tell the people he was "The Bread of Life", but did they believe him? Nope. He told them if they experienced Him in their lives instead working their tails for things that were perishable, like they were doing, they would never be hungry or thirsty for more and more and more, like we as humans are. (Slightly paraphrased) Verse 27.

So, I will keep doing the basic and lean heavily on The Bread of Life and I Am. Before I know it, February will be over and spring will be here. And if my experiment of sourdough bread turns out I will share it here. 

 And I am sorry this turned out like an Uncle Wiggly story...My only apology, please accept. 


  1. I like this post,a lot. My writing is dead. Trying to decide about funeral plans. I'll keep you posted about visitation hours. Cheerio.

    1. Ha! If you are a writer, it is never dead. But I think there's a kind of dormant we do sometimes. It'll be back. :)


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