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Let It Be Your Story

Do you ever feel you are on the outside looking in?
Like everything in life is a great big picture window and that you can see all the good things inside the room from the outside but no matter how hard you press your nose against the glass you just cannot quite become a part of the things you see going on inside the window?

I do. I know a lot can be said for those who have been brought up going to church every single Sunday and also on Wednesday evenings for prayer meetings. I know it is a blessing in belonging to a local body of believers, after all there is something wonderful about belonging.

But belonging can sometimes make us feel exclusive and premier like we have special dibs on the goodness of God. Or maybe we are more prone to becoming sweetness spoiled like too much candy in one place. Maybe we think we deserve special privileges and benefits because we are loyal church members. Could it be we think we know more accurately what Jesus taught than those outside our local church?

We have been handed a lot of goodness. We have been given The Word of God and Truth found in it. How we put that to use comes out in how we think and feel and do everything. If we really are walking with Jesus it will be in our actions. We will see all people as people instead of seeing a bum with holes in the knees of his pants.

Let Jesus be your story. Don't depend on years of experience in a Christian home to do the work for you. You see, people can tell if you really know something or if you are simply parroting what you have been taught. You can't reproduce someone else's experience for yourself. You must learn from the best Teacher the things He wants to teach you. You must be willing to be on the outside looking in, to be different and hungry enough to find what Jesus wants to feed your soul. 

It can be a good thing, this belonging to a community of people, but only if you first let everything belong to Jesus. Make sure He is the one telling you how to think, feel, and behave yourself. Don't make loyalty to your body of believers priority over your loyalty to Jesus' authority in your life. 

Get that right and you will love your people without hypocrisy and facades. You won't be consumed with pleasing people or following some else's protocol of what is good for you. You will seek Jesus face continually, knowing you are saved by the precious blood of Jesus the same as everyone else.