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Winter Pleasures

It is definitely February. And winter. More snow is coming down, all fine and silty, settling into the tiniest of cracks. The icy driveways have a layer of dry, fluffy white stuff covering them so when I walk confidently toward the mailbox or car, I am liable to find myself on the ground.

I love winter though. In winter, I learn more about reality and the harshness of life. OK...Love might be too strong of word for this but its speaking to me... I love what I cannot like... sorta thing going on here...please stick with me.

I was asking God about this recently. To be more specific, I was asking Him to remove some of the pain involved around my heart during the everyday conflicts I have with my people... Honestly, it's a little like being fourteen again. Almost everyone is kinda stupid. And mean. And I know a better way and your way stinks. Ugh, remember?

Back to the problem at hand, asking God about the level of pain He inflicts on my soul is very revealing. Also asking God things is part of the process of coming boldly to the throne of grace. I shall not be ashamed of these bad feelings. He knows anyway.

Eventually, God reveals that snow and cold and harshness and irritations are all related, be it weather or people. Until you learn to love it, it will remain snow and cold and harshness and irritations.

 Somewhere under all those layers, there is my Great God who intends to teach me that realities of life are gifts from Him. He only wants me to see the little pleasures that are already there just waiting to be discovered even if they are buried beneath the snow. I might even fall on different kinds of ice. People will still say and do stupid things. Even the people I love the most will do this.

The pleasures found in winter are forgiveness and grace for others. Without the harsh things of life I would never get to practise the finer virtues of kindness and respect in the face of meanness and disregard for the things I value.

I might even wake up on a Saturday morning and make a pan of scones and drink a cup of French pressed coffee laced with half and half...this too is a winter pleasure. THAT I don't have to learn to love, I just do.