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The Jesus Follower's List

Do you ever wish for a simple list of warnings to do life? Have you ever found yourself in a situation that left you feeling, What just happened there? It kinda feels like when you put something together in a way that seems logical but it just won't turn out and then you think, guess I should have read the instructions first.

Life can be like that. Sadly, the instructions aren't always clear or complete. Because we are human, we sometimes forget to consult our Guide Book and the Maker of the Guide Book. Sometimes the Guide Book and it's Maker feels distant and very far away.

We tend to think that if we go through hard times we just haven't been digging in the Word enough or maybe we aren't as dedicated as we should be to our prayer time.

You can go down that path if you want to but frankly, I think it is a waste of time. I find it more comforting to remember Jesus words that in the life of a believer, there will be pain and suffering. He even told us we should expect it, to count it as joy that we are worthy to bear pain and suffering in this world because we chose to lay down our own way and follow Him. The pain and suffering in life means we can identify with Jesus and that we are His. 

And of course, not to discredit time spent in God's Word and in prayer. Both of those things are key's to the kingdom, but its the getting out and doing life despite the ugly and messy that really gets us into the heart of Jesus. It's continuing on in the grueling intense heat of broken down relationships and bad circumstances that end up bringing glory to the name of Jesus.

You can't make pretty lists and figure them out logically of people and their souls. It wasn't meant to be. Jesus spent time sitting with sinners, eating with them, touching them, and telling them stories with lessons. He could never have reached them if He was making clear concise lists with plan A and plan B. Miracles cannot be worked with organized planning. It takes God and faith and getting in the dirt with the broken, the ugly, and the diseased.

Challenge: Throw away your lists of what needs to be done. Stop making plans. Look for the broken-hearted and the wounded. Go there. Tell them stories. Bring them water. Give them hugs. Stop craving clear concise directions and start doing the thing that's in front of you. Do it in the dirt with Jesus.