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Who Should Submit First and How

I bet you were hoping I was ready to move on and speak no more of this subject...I will next time.  Next time I will speak of fear and  of faith and our plans to sail the Sea of Cortez...

In a perfect world, a Christ follower in conflict with another Christ follower will both mutually recognize the need for love, humility, and submission for their issue and simultaneously give up their position 100% for the sake of peace and moving forward.

However, we do not live in a perfect world...we all fight our battles on a very fleshy level...every single day.  Therefore, we will never have the ideal balance of who should first give in to the other.  If it is a point worthy of submission, it will need to be a dying to self, a surrender to God, and never easy.

So don't try to tell me I am extra naughty because it is never easy for me. 😄  For example, Bruce can be ever so loving and kind to me about something he would like to see me change, but if I am not of the same opinion as he is to change this very minor point, there is going to be a little struggle in doing this thing... even if it is minor.  This is the same for a conflict with a fellow Christian.

How to get over me and what I think?   Focus on what God thinks and what His desire for me is.  It says very clearly in His Word that God desires for me to give up self in order to get along with other individuals.  He says we ought to prefer others above ourselves.  He says we should show kindness, grace, love, and many many other virtues to show we love Him.

And also, there is the teaching that we should treat our husbands with respect.  And it doesn't say maybe.  Like, maybe if he acts right or if he treats us right.  It just very bluntly tells the wives to hold their men in awe and to respect him. "See that she reverence her husband". Eph 5:33...Hhhmm...not much wiggle room for bad manners or burping kind of man stuff.

If submission is easy for you, I wonder if you have ever really have had to do it.  I believe a growing Christian will never truly be completely surrendered at all times. For growth, it is important to go through the fire now and again in our spirits.  Struggle is important for life and renewal. 

So admit it... You are not there yet...Struggle...Fight... but surrender is the end result of all those battles, and heaven is our home.  We will overcome and be at rest one day soon.