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The God of the Snowflakes

My sister April has been posting pictures on  Instagram that has inspired me this week.  She uses an extra lens on her phone that does a great job of capturing the tiniest details.

I know that if God cares enough to give ice crystals shape, He has all the details in our lives figured out just fine without our help.

We are still planning to leave in the morning for our big trip. We have now covered every detail we could think of and are packed as safely as possible.  

We did make a lot of detailed plans of our own but I know we can trust the God of the snowflakes to guide and direct us as we go.

If you are struggling with fear or discouragement, cry out to the God who made the snowflakes.  He has every detail covered. Believe it!  


  1. Bon Voyage and Godspeed! and all that stuff. You are going to have a lovely time. Lean into it girl.


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