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Let Me Tell You About It

Yes, indeed we do live up there in the panhandle of Idaho, about 30 minutes from Canada.  We are planning to leave Bonners Ferry early Saturday morning on the 17th of December.  Our route will be as straight a shot as we can do, pulling our 26 ft Macgregor sailboat, whom we lovingly have named "Shy Lady".  The sailboat we own gets a lot of flack for not being a "real sailboat" because it is trailorable and has a moveable keel.  We are OK with that.  It has been a fun boat to learn sailing.  We hope to enter Baja, through Mexicali on the 19th or 20th, depending on how the trip down goes.

We plan to drive only about half way down Baja California and put the boat into the water at Bahia de Los Angeles, which is around the area where you see those first islands midway down the peninsula of Baja.  Depending on how the border crossing goes, we will possibly stay in the small town of Bahia that night to pack the boat with all our food and gas and gear.  And I am going to keep an eye on the parking lot so no one steals our car and trailer.  😄  No, but I will pray that it is there when we get back.

This is where we hope to spend our first night...

Night two, here... and possibly some hiking on this mountain...

This is the plan for another night... There is said to be a lot of whales birthing right now and the weather is currently around 80 * during the day...

I really have few pictures of what our boat looks like in the water...I'm usually on it...anyway... for what its worth, this is the plan.  Also should mention this is a trip for celebrating 20 years of marriage.  We will keep you posted...Keep us in your prayers...


  1. Thank you, Bruce and shilah for giving us this map and schedule. We know you will be without technology for a week and so we can at least imagine where you are and what you are doing. We are praying now and will continue praying for your safety and sanity. May God go with you and you talk with him a lot in your quietude trip. Grandma Ruth

  2. Looking forward to the pictures..


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