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Bahia de Los Angeles...Part 1

As with any adventure, you can make all kinds of plans, have every detail in place, and think you are prepared but later find out you just have to go out there and do it.  Another big part of adventure is that it can never really be predicted and that is part of the fun of it, learning to flex with the circumstances.

Our adventure began on Dec 17, 2016.  We had every plan we could think of in place, had read all the research we could find on our location of choice, and had wrapped up all out loose ends of school exams and the Christmas program.

Pulling out of our driveway in the early morning hours with ice on the roads and brutal cold penetrating our bones as we finished packing the car was a kind of torture.  My heart was breaking from having given my kiddoes one last kiss and hug, one last inhale of their skin, one last touch of my comfortable reality.

I was into this trip.  I wanted to do this celebration of 20 years with my husband, he wasn't forcing me into a situation I didn't want to attend, but it did go against my nature to push myself beyond the heartache of leaving behind all my people and comfy spots to do it.  I will not lie, I cried some.

However, it didn't take long till the peace of God took over in my mind and I was able to begin to enjoy the moments one by one.  That was the trick that I needed the whole way through and it worked.  This journey was a test in faith and trust and love; all three were experienced.

We stopped in Thompson Falls, Montana to use the restroom and get coffee. This scene kind of made it all reality, that this is how  we were going to do it.  Small SUV...Big boat...icy roads...-17*...And a ton of prayers...I have never prayed without ceasing as much as I did on this trip.  It just was required.

 It was a day of thoughtful, attentive driving and a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

A day for selfies and photo editing on my new toy, a smart phone, and a realization that we are sooo forty...Wow, and that we still know how to have fun...I think we had sorta forgotten.

Much snow and so cold...but beautiful too...

 Before us...

Behind us...

Wow! God makes beautiful things...

In southern California we discovered our lack of trailer lights. We pulled over into the desert and had to unload the car to find the fuse that was blown. That means we had to take all 30 gal of water out of the back one by one, plus food and gear...But we were able to fix it and continue so no worries.  After two long days of travel, we arrived at the border about nine the evening of the 18th. 

Border crossing was a half hour wait on a paper for our boat which we knew we would have to get once we got there, and then we were on our way. No lines or any problems at all.  We drove into Mexico a couple hours, then stopped alongside the road and slept in the boat for about four hours before continuing.  I must add here, that we felt completely left alone and safe. There was never a threat or bad feeling from any of the officials and guards at all the checkpoints.  Mostly what we got was curiosity.

Here was a surprise.  We had read about construction on the route we had chosen, but little did we know about it being through the desert or how very rough a ride it was going to be.  Sharp rocks and turns and gravel and sand everywhere, along with debris from the construction work. We drove slow slow slow for two or three hours. 

A miracle did occur for us while driving through this area. Something gashed the sidewall of our left boat trailer tire. Bruce happen to see a puff of dust out of the tire and stopped immediately.  He quickly pulled out his tools and filled the gash with a plug. That flimsy bit of plug goo lasted another four hours until we reached our destination. We never did get that tire fixed. Instead we put on the spare and used it to get us home.  Bruce says those are pretty impressive tires.  He also gives credit to God for letting that plug get us to Bahia.

Our first glimpses of the sea.  I plan to break this trip up into three or four blog more coming to you...for now, must get back to the laundry and a few other writing assignments...Thanks for traveling with us...


  1. Love. My husband thinks this would be so fun. I think you make it look good.


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