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Stuff and Nonsense

We are winding down the first quarter of school.  While a few aspects of teaching are easier this year, many things are indeed harder.  I don't know why.  Possibly because now things are predictable; like the behavior of children.  Nine of my students are the same ones I had last year so their characters are still them but with a little older twist.  

One boy, a very smart boy, could get straight A's if he would only apply himself.  He finds it easier to fly through his work and then need to make 49 corrections.  He hates following directions and tries every which way other than the directions given.  He thinks outside every box of "normal".  If he sees his grades dropping enough to lower his average he will hop to and get about three 100's to compensate so he can make it on the honor roll.

I am teaching the kids "Silent Night" in sign language for the Christmas program.  Most of the fourteen kids like this...ONE absolutely hates it.  This is the same kid that hates to follow directions. I find it interesting that it makes him feel squirmy to have to do something synchronized with the others.

I hung pictures of the presidential candidates in our class room under the current events and prayer notices.  My own daughter says this is too distracting.  It distresses her to see the pictures and she finds herself praying for God to spare our country from either one.  I hung them there for a reminder to pray.  I guess it's working.  But I didn't mean for it to be a distraction. I can see how it is though...they aren't nice pictures...the ones I found off the Internet...this election they seem to be worse than normal.

One of my students today claims he has seen Sasquatch.  He said they went up a mountain and that big fury face was staring straight in his window.  He believes this story.  Who am I to scoff?  But it gave me the hibby jibbies.  I also told him that no one will believe that story because no one has to this day and the ones who do, get scoffed at horribly...meanwhile, three of my other students begin scoffing... Reality is so harsh some days, what with presidential elections and bigfoot stories.

I went down to the hospital tonight for a hello and hug from my husband.  I had to run to the store anyway and on a whim called and found out that he had a minute.  Something about a moment in his arms gives me strength to finish the day.  I think this is probably the way it should be.  If it weren't for my husband, I would often feel like the quote, "I can't adult today".  I thought that feeling would magically disappear around age forty...another harsh reality.

I come home at the end of a day completely excited about doing laundry and making supper.  My energy is boundless and there is a spring in my step.  My head is brimming full of good and fresh ideas for my home and I buzz around achieving more than should be legal.   NOT!  That was all me making a noise. What I do do, is ask God for help at accepting what is and to please hurry up with the energy.  And then... I do as little as possible to get by and crawl into bed, a big pile of mush and tiredness. Good night...