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Wood Peckers and Epiphanies

So, yesterday there was this nasty, beautiful wood pecker going to town on a pine tree stump in my yard.  He meant business. There was something in that tree that he was going to get.  I got mad just watching his ill manners, blazing a trail of shredded wood in one straight line, and the mess that fell to the ground...I may have to use a rake to clean it up...

Anyway, it reminded me of me.  Last Saturday I was standing in my basement loading the washer and God spoke to me about my need/want for a smart phone.  The conflict is that Bruce and I have always stood firm on not entering the world of technology too fast.  We are bonded on not joining social media, although he laughs at me for being a blogger because..." isn't that social media?"

  Anyway, he knows writing is my hobby so he's happy for me to do that...just not facebook and such.  And I agree with him, but now my basic phone with a qwerty keyboard is getting sticky keys from overuse in texting.  And our friendly Verizon people no longer will supply us with free upgrades or basic phones with a the options are paying a monthly fee for a dumb phone without a qwerty.  NOT COOL for a person who likes to write and who prefers texting her people to talking on the phone.

Meanwhile, the Lord convicts me and says, "Haven't you been sorta like that woodpecker to your husband about this smartphone business?" And He also said, "Do you really believe all that stuff you say about shutting up and being quiet and letting me lead your husband...Are you going to butt out and let me deal with this or not?  Do you believe in MY power?  Do you think that if I want you to have a smart phone, that I can't get it for you?"

I really don't enjoy when God talks to me like that.  But He did have a valid point and using that woodpecker to show me myself was genius.  AND...the truth is, a smart phone may not be something I actually need and that the more valuable lesson here is me learning to practice what I preach.

Are you being a nasty, beautiful woodpecker about anything?