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How to Stop Being Busy and Enjoy Life

The truth is, I don't know very much about how to stop being busy but I have been thinking about it and here's what I am discovering...

People that voice the complaint, "I'm too busy", including myself, are really just making the choice to feel that way about their work load.  When I choose to be thankful for the work God has given me to do, I no longer feel so busy or, as in my case, stressed about my job.

Because being too busy is really an attitude and what we really mean is, "This work in front of me is causing me stress and discomfort", all we really need to do is learn to like our challenges.

Which if you are like me, that can be pretty difficult.  I do indeed like certain challenges.  I like a big fat book that must be read by Friday.  I like to hike a mountain long as it is a trail that is recognizable.  You see, even my challenges have limitations.  I truly like relationships with people...until they need to be worked at and then I kinda lose my zeal because I find the confrontation too challenging.

It seems that prioritizing what needs to be tackled first, will cut out a lot of what makes us busy. It is a very natural thing for a human being to make busy at something unimportant so as to avoid what really needs to be tackled.  We should really be calling it procrastination instead of busyness.  OUCH!  Me thinketh this be the case... Sorry...

So the next time you find yourself making busy with a conversation, online shopping, or social media, ask yourself...What one thing in particular am I avoiding?

And if you find you aren't in avoidance of any particular challenge then I suspect you are enjoying your life already to the fullest and that you don't feel too busy to stop in for coffee at my house one day soon.  It's on me of course... 


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