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How to Have Peace in a Topsy Turvy World

Let me remind you, you are not Chicken Little and the sky is not falling...There.  Now that we have that nicely established I will tell you how I know this.

Almost everything we read these days on the media is plastered with the equivalent of acorns hitting people's heads. And many are running around going from one important person to another demanding a voice; wishing to be heard and taken seriously.

I am convinced that a Christ follower shouldn't join the hysteria.  A Christ follower is commanded to seek peace and pursue it.  We are told to be peacemakers while standing for the truth.  We are asked to lead honest lives free of deception.  We were warned by Jesus, the authority over the ways of the world, to expect persecution and the revilement of men. He even went so far as to say to rejoice and be exceedingly glad when we are persecuted. ( Matt 5:12) 

 So, when I hear Christian people talk about the injustices in our country as if telling the the whole story correctly will make things right or set the record straight, I get a little  a lot sad.  Have we not been forewarned?  Has not the Master of the earth and sky predicted these things?  Did He not tell us as much as possible to live peaceably with all men? (Rom 12:18)

  How can we possibly be at peace when our hearts are full of fear and anxiety?  If we are having conversations of ideals and opinions for the upcoming election by bashing the candidates and trying to see that people are swayed one way or the other by facts, that I might add, are surely misconstrued by social media and the news, we take away every ounce of peace that would dare raise its fragile little head.

The way to have peace in this topsy turvy world is by having faith in our Redeemer.  If we have faith in a Redeemer; we know our world lies in His care. We can pray for our country and the upcoming election with faith that God knows the outcome and that He will provide the strength to survive our perilous times here on earth as Christians.  A Christian shouldn't be overcome with terror and hysteria because they abide in the Vine and are Under the Shadow of the Wing of the Almighty; there are so many reasons like those names of God in Scripture to keep us calm and facing reality.

We must have a quiet and a calm to lead.  We can't guide people to truth and peace by joining the popular cries of the nation.  We must be at rest in our hearts and in our homes. We must live without fear with our friends and our church families. In our communities we will study to be quiet and to do our own business while we reach out and do a service and work our jobs. (1 Thess 4:11) And we must be bold and brave to face the future of persecution which is surely a part of our lives if we live as Christ asks us to. 

The reason I know we are not like Henny Penny is because we know what the acorn is that has hit us on the head.  We know what is falling from the sky and we know why, but we serve a Great God who has given us everything we need to do life and to do it right.  
(2 Peter 1:3)

Now stop all your needless running around cackling and making a noise and remember WHOSE YOU ARE!


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