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Sunday Tablescape

It was the empty green S. Pellegrino  bottle with the sprig of Oregon grape that made me do it...

I snitched the bloom of Oregon grape through the slat in the privacy fence yesterday and stuck it in the empty bottle for a place to put it but all day it grew prettier to me.

 This morning while I prepared our Sunday lunch, "The Bottle" became the centerpiece for a tablescape. I had the urge to create and so I did.

I searched my linen closet for a white tablecloth and discovered I don't have one so instead, I found an old floral sheet and tied a knot in each corner so it would stay in one place.

                         Lambs Ear from the garden was the perfect green...

I am seeing now that I didn't have the lighting right for this photo shoot.  I could call it a 'smash' but will instead be humble and show the flaws too.  The point was, I felt like it was a Sunday morning worth celebrating...

I thought about why we do our "Sunday Best" and decided I very much like the idea.  Why not make Sunday a day of celebration along with our worship of our Creator?

      This week we prayed for Bruce's parents.  His dad is in the hospital and very sick.  He has had Parkinson's Disease for many years and now is faced with a lot of other health issues...  We pray for wisdom...and strength...and courage...

       Have the best week ever!  Whatever you do and where ever you go, remember to take the time to celebrate with each other.  And if you choose; make it beautiful!


  1. You are a creative soul, in many ways. I'd love to sit down at that lovely table with you!

  2. Dearest Jenn, I was just thinking of you tonight. I miss our chats. I miss being a normal friend too. Lets schedule a talk soon, K?


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