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He Came To His Senses

The prodigal is me and you some days.
 Like the prodigal son, we ask God to give us the portion of goods that falleth to us.
We prepare and plan our own way, taking a journey off the boring path of normal.
 We waste all we have learned about our perfectly good life and squander our time foolishly.

There grows a famine in our souls; loneliness crowds in, while we join ourselves to another person or thing of misery.
We lower ourselves to eating the pig slop of life, slop not earned by our own ability, rather, found in our searching to fill all the gaping holes of our own making.

Then, we come to our senses.
We see God's way was better.
We see where God did work hard in our behalf, even while we were feeling jaded and betrayed.
At least walking with God, we had food and water,  not slop.
In our search for more, we found complete emptiness,

We run back to our Father.
We beg for forgiveness.
We are broken and humbled as we bow before HIM.
He welcomes us with open arms and a relieved smile.
He says, "Welcome home; I missed you."

It's so good to be home...