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Spring Break and Random

I usually like to write about something inspirational or one of life's lessons, but today I am brain dead.  I have been most the week actually.  We are having a spring break from school so I am allowed to be a little brain dead, plus it's relaxing to stare off into space without deep thoughts now and then. Right? Amen.

I spent a lovely day this week shopping with my sister and baby.  We talked some.  But with her being mom to a baby that is eight weeks old, and me being a teacher on break from fifteen students,  there were gaps and lulls in-be-tween the deepness.  It was good. We needed it the way it was.

We hosted a home bible study this week.  It was extreme fun for me.  We cleaned house all day and I made a layered cake.  I served it to our guest on paper plates along with mugs of tea or coffee.  It was simple, plain, and perfect.  I haven't done much hosting lately but would love to change that.  It felt  normal again; a great feeling for a spring break celebration.

I'm learning to communicate as an adult.  It becomes simple it you can remember three things.  Say what needs to be said clearly, calmly, and kindly.  Oddly, this works with kids too.  HA!  Also, to stop explaining myself to already dead ears. Let it go sometimes. Already.

My niece, Cheri, was here for a visit recently.  I didn't see much of her but did enjoy one morning with her and my sister April.  We drank London Fogs and chattered.  We discussed sisters and aunts and moms. And why is it there are certain traits we don't want to have like Aunt So and So?  We all agreed we want to just be liked and appreciated within our families for our own personal genius and beauty.  :)  And if you happen to look or act like your mom, aunt, or grandma then it is better to flaunt it rather than being ashamed of it.  But, I still don't like thinning hair and scalp showing through my wispy hair and I do think I might resemble an aunt or two or three.  And I still cringe thinking about that.

Speaking of moms and sisters.  It wasn't very long ago that I thought I didn't want to do life like my mom and older sisters.  I was seeing their hard stuff and their struggles and thought I could do better.  There.  I admitted it.  But I have recently seen the light.  I sat down exhausted one Sunday morning and finally understood my mom's sigh and grim expression.  I think that it was a brave expression now.  She had gotten through the morning, she deserved to sigh.   My two older sisters have both gone through their own separate valleys the last ten years and are coming out stronger, and wiser and gentler.  They have been a fine example after all and I am ashamed of myself for thinking I might be able to do it better.  Another Amen and Hallelujah!

Jesus has inspired me with his realness again.  I've been reading about his death and resurrection.  He felt things too.  He felt burdened and sorrowful about what he knew was coming.  He didn't like pain and suffering any more than you or I.  He prayed three times in the garden to have the cup he was destined to drink, removed.  He didn't want to go through with it any more than another human would have.  Yet, he did it.  He surrendered completely after suffering completely.

It is spring! The robins are here. The grass is turning green.  The wind wants to fly kites. The sunshine is more and warm.  The windows need cleaning.  The walls need painting.  Broken things need fixing.  Sewing is continual for growing daughters.  Did I forget anything?  If anyone asks, I'll be doing one of those things or out in it observing one of those things. Yes, I am aware that all those choppy sentences were bad form and I am so glad this is a blog post and not a productive afternoon of writing for my writers group or working on my book.  Happy Spring to ya!


  1. Look at the twins! Cheri and April are twins!

  2. Oh...if when we are 40...we had 1/2 of the wisdom that we had when we were 20!! :-)


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