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Saturday At Our House

 How was your Easter weekend?  Ours was quite full.  Yesterday we did amazing things and were so tired afterward I didn't get to update and wish you a Happy Easter.  Good Friday was relaxing and I'm so glad.  Bruce got called in to the ER and it was also overtime pay so letting go of Friday together was kind of a relief.  Especially since he awoke on Saturday saying, "I think I'll cut a few trees down today."  What kinda guy does this?  Anyway, it was an all day job.  And it wasn't even our tree.  But my husband is nice and offered to help the neighbor guy so guess who was up in the tree doing the crazy work?

I said fine. But I do have to make cinnamon rolls for Easter brunch at church and sew my girls Easter dresses and clean the house and do report cards and lesson planning for next week, but other than that I am totally free to help with trees and such.

The tricky part was missing another neighbors house...

My view of the mountains is much better now... SO is my view of the yellow rusty trailer and the little green shack...

The cinnamon rolls in all their glory...I had enough leftover to take to a few neighbors.  A few of them were not so happy that we were cutting down such a lovely, old tree.  The rolls helped soften the deal.  I hope.


Then Toria decided to practice making cupcakes for Family Fun Night which we have coming up on Fri...She is doing some kind of contest  or something.  Meanwhile, I sewed dresses in between snatching pictures and breathing prayers of safety while limbs were being cut from the tree.

Nearly finished.  We tied a rope to that last branch hanging over the little green house and pulled toward our house while Bruce cut.  We grazed the house with no damage.  Thank God for that.

I think Toria could win a contest just for beauty on these guys.  I mean these cupcakes could win for their beauty.  Whatever.  I think I won't try to fix that.

 Cute cute cute!

Also, I have a very busy week coming up so won't be back to post for awhile.  However, I will schedule a post for Wed or Thursday showing you how to have a date night at home with your man. It is not very expensive, quite simple, and relaxing....


  1. I need a toria at my house. And a cinnamon roll baking Shilah. It all looks really really good! :)

    1. I wonder how your Monday was and if you are coming for a visit this weekend?

  2. Now all I can think about is how much I want a cinnamon roll...

    1. Where have you been hiding? I miss your lovely blog updates. Please don't give up on blogging. You do a fine job of it. :)

    2. Well... the holidays came, and also, my blogsite has reached it's max with picture space. I don't really want to pay $99 a year, and I'm not sure what to do about the problem! Moving to another site seems like a pain... Blogging without pictures seems no fun. Thanks for the encouragement!

    3. Hhmm. Blogger is free. But I don't know about picture capacity. Also probably not as cool as a custom domain. So sad. I've been wanting to see pictures of that baby of yours. Do you like mothering?

    4. I was toying with starting another blog, but not sure yet. :) Are you on facebook? I do like mothering -- of course it's hard some days, especially when she is sick. :( But so rewarding!


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