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Monday Madness

Welcome to my dirty living room...Just sayin...It's Monday and things were piled high this afternoon.  Thanks to my three children, we plowed and shoveled our way through the mess and things are now relatively caught up.  I think we could have coffee or tea should you show up now.

I am truly swamped, snowed under, and overwhelmed with all that is ours to say 'Thank you' for right now.  I did not get through all the domesticated chores of the normal weekend (I don't know why) I worked at them I'm sure...but did not succeed.

Anyway, I've thought about this all day trying to figure out where I may have gone wrong and it all comes back to two simple reminders I am constantly using on my students.

Did you read your instructions carefully and understand them?
When all else fails...ASK FOR HELP!

No wonder they are confused by me.  Do those two reminders even remotely go together?

They do, I think, if you work at them in reverse order.  What I mean, they work for me if I follow them in reverse order.

  Not my students though. I want them to first try before they ask me for help thank you very much!  

However, I need to ask God for His divine wisdom and strength before I go off with my instructions in trying to guide those wild ones.  Also, I need to read my instructions carefully and understand those as well.  My best instructions so far come from the Word of God.  It has never missed.  It is a straight shot penetrating through the thickest part of my forgetful skull and ever lacking heart.

Hopefully, tomorrow won't be Tuesday Trials.

Let us not grow weary and lose heart...Hebrews 12:3