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Friday Five

Through my window.  It has been raining raining raining.  It feels like a Spring rain though, so I am not minding.

 I dreamed last night the kids and I were on a cross country bicycle trip to Seattle.  Suddenly, Shaunti was no longer with us and when I asked where she was, Toria said she took the bus.  I was quite relieved to find it was a dream.  Laife and Toria are flying to P.R. alone, end of May.  I am such a wimp.  Already I am dreaming haunting dreams of desperation.  Letting go is what is needed in this.  It feels wrong tho' my head tells me it is right.

 Today I was inspired with the thought to think about what others are seeing through their window.  I prayed for a friend who always prays for me and lets me know.  I prayed for what's out her window.

Ranunculus and a turquoise bird.  Favorite things are important.

An orchid I brought back to life.  Actually, it was God not me.

I love this windowsill...  It is my place of meditation...To my Maker... I pray for me, my kids, my friends, my church family, my family family. my husbands family, my students, this fallen and perverse nation, my marriage, friends of friends, and parents of friends.  Not in any particular order, I pray for peace and refinement through the guts and glory of life.  I pray for courage to continue, grace to accept things as they are, especially the things I cannot change.  I pray for love to love the unlovely.  

This is the best chocolate bar that has ever been given me.  Thank you Jessie!    The glowy candle warms my heart...  Thank you! Rose


  1. I really liked this post, Shilah, because you write well about real.

    1. Thank you Arla, that feels like high praise from you. I often worry that my realness gets in the way of writing well.


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