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Because You Still Matter

This picture is about ten years old but it still has an element of reality for us.  This is us and how we are.  He makes me furious and happy all at the same time.  Maybe like fire and ice.  Anyway, he's still the one I want to fight with and laugh with... He's always there even when I wouldn't blame him for being far away from me and my moods.

Recently, we have been made aware of the importance of scheduling time for each other.  We schedule everything else these days; if we want an appointment with each other, we'll need to plan and schedule this as well.

Toria thinks this is a very unromantic approach to dating.  What I want to know is how did it come to this-  my almost fourteen year old giving me dating advice?  But by the time I had my props arranged with the kids on a movie of their own with snacks in another bedroom, Toria admitted our little plan looked fun and cozy. It was really none of her business anyway.

In the basket was sparkling drinks, chocolates, strawberries, candles, and a list of fun documentaries to watch...The movies on the list were all themed about Paris because we both like travel and would love to see Paris one day.


 This is what made it fun, using his tablet for the movie and snuggling.  We were together.  We were relaxed.  We had drinks and snacks and we were together. Oh, sorry I already said that.  We finished off with a soak in the hot tub.  The stars were unbelievable because those trees no longer obscured our night view.

                                                   Bet you didn't want to see this huh?
                                          Just pretend it is you and your honey and you'll be fine.

And a friendly piece of advice on how we should look at marriage and stay important to each other...


  1. I can just hear you cackling at us at the end there. Love you.

  2. Like! Our romantic time this weekend included sitting at the school table together and adding figures for taxes! I loved it! And eating out with old friends. Long beautiful visit!


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