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Sunday Perfect

This has got to be the best ole Sunday dinner ever...It's simple.  It's pretty.  It has five ingredients.  It took me five minutes to throw together and then I crawled back in bed for another hour.  Most importantly, the family swooned and devoured it.  I think that means something.

I was looking at my sister's Instagram last night and had a deep passion to get a smart phone and an Instagram account. I love nature.  It always makes me feel like worshiping my Creator even more.  Plus, I feel kinda artsy when I notice nature photographed, and possibly, there is a side of me that is a bit earthy.  I like rocks and sticks too.  Hopefully, that is all good and balanced in my worship for the Creator of those things.

But anyway, I went to bed and forgot about my desire for the smart phone. Instead, I decided to go on a walk with my parents this afternoon with my Nikon Cool pix S6800.  My pictures aren't edited.  They're kinda raw and ugly if you don't try to see the beauty 'al natural'.  But they make me happy.

Nothing like an early, spring walk with your parents to clear your perspective of the world.

                       Aren't they the cutest old people you ever did see?  We spoke of this: our ages and our                     mortality and our precious moments together.  This walk was truly a gift today.

                        Gnarled and old and beautiful...OR....Crippled and puny and ugly...

                                  I dawdled a little I guess.  'They have walked before me'... See how I get?
                                                                                     All poetical and dramatic...

               At the end of the lane... was a magnificent rainbow.

   So big I couldn't get it all on.

           This is the right end...

            And here is the left end...

               OH LOOK!  It settled right on top of Mom and Dad's house...  They better have a good week.

Here is the picture I would have posted on Instagram if I had an account... It is edited in a painting mode.  I think it's pretty cool, but what do I know?


  1. If you all don't stop posting poetical pieces about mom and dad with all the interesting photos in between, I will soon go clinically depressed and require meds in the form of a long vacation to see you all. I'll send the boys to school with you and take those walks too. Yes. I think that's what I'll do. Until then.....I need a mop to saup up my bleeding heart.

    1. Awe... You poor thing. You get them all to yourself when you are here, like overnight and everything...something of which I never do...but I know how you feel. I miss you too.

  2. In case you missed it.... the rainbow is double. :-)

  3. It works Amy, so I recommend it for bleeding hearts. Go for it.


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