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Relearning a Few Things

I can teach new concepts all day long while the kids memorize rules for proper punctuation, verbs, and other parts of speech, but it doesn't mean they really know it.  It is possible to memorize the rules without truly catching their meanings.  For example, I have explained predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives until I am blue in the face and three boys in particular still don't know what they are.

I have learned that to follow the rules for not whining or complaining about my life, I need to replace every grumble with two praises.  I know this is true, not only from personal experience, but also from Scripture texts.  Pretty often, the command to not complain is followed with being thankful.  In all things.  That kinda eliminates any excuses.

Imagine then, my surprise when out of the blue, I am dropping complaints and whining.  Here's how it happened:  Last week, I asked the trustees of the school to put a blind on my beautiful large classroom window. ( The kids were needing to move out of their desks to the table while trying to avoid the brightness overpowering them. ) I requested a better quality blind, preferably not like the usual horizontal blinds, previously used in that room.  They had broken upon the first day of that week or something like that.

So, on Monday morning when I got to school, there hung the new blinds in all their horizontal glory.  Let me confess to you, my first thought was not one of thankfulness.  I grumbled at the disconnect of communication.  I walked over and tried the cords and twisty thing that turns the slats.  It felt surprisingly light and responsive to my touch, but I was still skeptical.  The teacher across the hall had received the same needed gift over the weekend and was beaming with a thankful expression.

It took me a couple hours to realize the blinds were just fine and to remember that those trusted trustees probably had better judgement than I in this matter.  Also, memory work was especially convicting this week.  One of the verses said this, "Do all things without murmurings or disputing."  Kinda hits you spot on sometimes huh?

I guess, if I can't remember the basic rules of thankfulness, I should be able to understand if a few kids can't remember the rules of English.  Precept upon precept, line upon line.  Help me, Father, in all things to be truly grateful, even in window blinds.