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A Definite Way To Cheer Up

I was sitting in the hot tub with Bruce the other day.  It was the middle of the day.  It was an afternoon off school.  It was our anniversary.  So, I was sitting there wondering how in the world I was supposed to relax and enjoy relaxing when my brain is still zooming from morning classes, a behavioral issue or two, and the rigmarole of trying to find a sub for the afternoon. 

An hour earlier, my husband had picked me up from school in his little white convertible.  We drove home with the top down in a momentary display of sunlight.  For lunch we had steaks off the grill and salad and sparkling juice.  I didn't bother lighting a candle. Mostly, because I forgot.

All was well and good in our world. Yet, as I sat trying to relax, I was hankering to go wash something, maybe the floor or the dishes. 

 I asked God about it as I lay in the bubbles and He gently reminded me of my lack of gratitude.  That is really all it takes for an attitude adjustment.  Realize the discontent, confess it, and start saying thank you for what is.  This is what we're saying when we say, "Give us this day our daily bread."  

There are days I don't really like my daily bread.  I want different daily bread, preferably softer and whiter, fluffier and more palatable to my own desires. It's when I remember to thank God for the provision of His bread, that I can once again become contented and willing to say, "Not my will, but Thine be done."  And also, "Thank you" too.


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    1. Sorry Amy, Your comment was fine. but somehow I deleted it.

  2. This sounds so familiar to me! It can be so hard to relax when there are floors and dishes needing to be washed, or any number of other things that are far less important than spending time with my family or husband. Thanks for sharing.


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