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Real Moments

 Clearly, the month of June was exhausting... Or maybe it was the two nights at camp trying to not sleep while hanging out with a bunch of teenage girls..
 My favorite colors in the world...
 We found a recliner love seat last week to replace the too big couch... This is how I found the kids... For real! I was so impressed I ran for my camera... This was also the day they weeded the garden for me. The eldest sitting there, staring grimly into the camera, pulled up my one, precious row of holly hocks. They were starting to finally take off. I cried. I seem to have a problem getting flowers to grow. After this picture though, I forgave him.
 Yesterday morning we had coffee at Dayton and Judy's home for my Mom's 71st birthday. It was a magical time... Good coffee, food, and people... Good china, tablecloths, and flowers... Thank you Judy!
And then we came home and brought this little guy with us. This was how he was sitting when I came home from taking Laife to work. We said the word, "NAP" and he would burst into tears. I tried it now and then just for fun. it worked every time. The tears would flow.  So, we took to spelling it. When he wasn't looking, I picked him up and snuggled him to sleep.


  1. I love that chair! and that funny boy at the bottom of your post! I think my jeanie would gleefully butcher him.............She's not soft hearted in the least! Can't wait till August!

  2. grrr! this pic makes me realize what we will be missing out on in August. So would love to see you all!!! The baby will be worth it tho. :)


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