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Living Balanced

I really don't have a secret balance for such a thing. Who does? I think balanced living is different for each person...

 Yesterday, I went to the big city alone, just me and my thoughts in my car; and of course, music and coffee for the road. And it felt awkward and wrong somehow, like I was forgetting something all day long such as helping with seat belts or car doors. And talking to myself, I won't tell you what was discussed. At one point, I took a picture of the top of my head, so I could see if my roots were really that bad. And then I wondered tragically if anyone does that kind of stuff.  Thankfully, that moment of shallowness was fleeting and the rest of the day was taken in shopping and meditating on The Duty Lying Nearest You .

In reading My Utmost For His Highest, I have moments of wanting to fling that idealistic book across the room with a mighty 'harrumph', but then, he inserts about five days of thoughts that are realistic and thought provoking. And those thoughts get stuck in my head and bring a balance on my otherwise, overly emotional being.

Recently, its been all about not making such a big deal about what we do to serve God. [in my words] And about having too much importance on our goodness and Godly habits. We get so busy doing right, that we begin to make THAT the most important thing. Instead, Oswald, says we should concentrate on being open to God's Word and the surrounding circumstances, and let God be the guide if there's direction one way or another. We get so focused on being duty bound we miss the directions of God. It might be that God would like us to, "Be still and know that I am God".

Which brings me back to balance. Bruce's take on serving is that if you are truly serving, you won't have time to put it into words and explain it. You just do it quietly while you have the chance. Making a lot of it, ruins the blessing in it. [He doesn't mind that I put it into words, just so you know...] Between Bruce and Oswald, I stay balanced about living, whether it is the days I spend in quiet or in being busy serving others.

What do you do to live balanced? Do you live to simply serve God or live to show others that you greatly serve God?


  1. I could write a BOOK about this! Oswald had the right idea that's for sure! I don't know why or where this has become so big in my mind but yes....yes .... yes.... Not sure I have any tips for how I live balanced but I think being a mom keeps a mom at least very humble.

    1. Yes! Thank God for children and husbands...daily reminders of simply serving...


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