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Thoughts For the Rubik's Cube

About a year ago, a visiting pastor gave a message at the church we attend. I don't remember his main topic that day, but something he said finally got through to me... It was about God's love for me as an individual.

 Now, I have never had a hard time believing that Jesus died for our sins and that He loves us with an unsurpassing love. I believe this is true, but when it comes to His loving me alone and the fact that he would've died for me alone, I get a little skeptical. Why would he bother? I can see him going out on a limb for others, the ones who are worthy of saving, but probably not ordinary me. I just couldn't fathom that. I wasn't that important. My faith wavered about this quite a lot.

Then he turned these thoughts around with these words: What makes you so special that you think you are beyond Him and His grace? Do you think you are too important for Him to take notice of you?"

"No!" my heart protested, "That's not what I'm saying with these doubts. Is it?" But it really was. I thought too much of myself and my ability to comprehend God's ways. I thought I should be able to muster up some kind of extra special feeling, that I would know with out a shadow of a doubt, that I was worthy of notice or saving.

Instead, I was challenged to accept and be humbled by the simple fact that YES, Christ did it for me alone. My sins nailed Him there. Just as much as any body's. 

If you feel you have an unusual problem, a too hard of situation, or very complex dynamic in your life. Stop it! Stop kidding yourself by thinking God only meets normal people, those worthy of His time. Jesus said he came to heal the sick and in need of a physician. 

Sometimes, we take our troubles out and play with them, We turn them over and around trying to make them all fit into our plan, a lot like playing with a Rubik's cube. We can get one side all figured out but the other sides are all a mess. We get so focused on fixing one more side to perfection that we mess up the one we had straight.

Challenge today: Hand Jesus your Rubik's cube of a life. And stop thinking you're so special that you don't need fixing. He can't fix the ones who think they are beyond fixing. He wants your mess. All of it. 


  1. Why must you always blog stuff that make me stop and have to admit my issues? ! Truth hurts sometimes. Thanks for the post though.

    1. Hmmm. Must be that you and I go through similar things for you to be able to identify with the thought. No? I usually write about the things I am being convicted about in my own life. :)


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