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My Constant One

Change: def. 1. make or become different.  2. put or take something in place of another; substitute or exchange. 3. a changing; a passing from one form to another... 4. a changed condition...

I'm thinking about change because we are going through one now. The very day we let the mail route go to another full time, was the day my husband was hired full time at the hospital.That was even a faster change than my darling anticipated.  

 I've been accused of not adjusting to change very well. It seems I have been dubbed with this. I have to admit,  It's true. It seems I have to find my way, make adjustments, and feel a little traumatized during the simplest changes.

BUT. I must say this for myself, I have been given every opportunity to grow in this and I think it may be paying off. I married a changer, a mover, a shaker. He has challenged me beyond what I thought possible or even considered necessary. Once, after we hiked seven miles into the mountains, we sat down for a break and took in the view. I thought we were there. After I was good and relaxed, he pointed to a far off knoll on the other side of the lake and said, "We're going to camp there." Never mind the penny size blisters on both ankles from wearing crummy boots/socks combination. I wanted to throw those boots at his head. But you know what? Instead of that being a bad memory, I treasure that moment. I needed pushing. 

His pushing and challenging me with changes have given me a deeper, fuller, more meaningful life. What some would view as uncaring and callous, these are the things that have drawn us closer to God and each other. And I see God in the changes. He asks us to go deeper with Him, to trust more, and to exercise our faith. 

In thinking about how God draws us to Himself by changing us more and more; I was thrilled to remember the one thing that never changes, God. He will never leave us or forsake us. He will always be there. He'll even go through the fire with us. SO, while he asks us to change constantly, He stays right there ready to help us with all the changes. While I continue to grow and change for His glory, He stays the same, my only Constant One.