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I Don't Have To Be Right

This is often the first step in stopping an argument or a debate or a conversation that has gone round and round.  Bruce and I don't argue anymore but we have long conversations that get us nowhere fast. See, we've matured to calling them by a better name at least.  Everyone has them, arguments, debates, conversations that go round and round, and the fight inside to be heard.  And yes, we even want to be right. I SO want to be right sometimes.  Sometimes I want it so bad, I forget the important fact that I don't have the authority to be right on my own, so because I am human and frail and obstinate I sacrifice humility and peace.

Who has the authority to be right?  Our Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  When I am focused on what those names mean in my life, I don't have to broadcast my opinions to the world or study what others are doing wrong.  I don't have to judge and keep track of any ones walk with Christ.  I have no extra time to play the comparison game: My house is smaller than your house or my problems are bigger than your problems. Those kinds of comparisons are meant to make you feel failure and discouragement and they are not from The Prince of Peace.

When I don't have to be right, I can love you better.  I can hear you more clearly. I can direct you with more wisdom to the One Who Is Always Right.  There is peace as a result, even midst the storm you are in.


  1. Thanks. I loved this, and needed it too. :/ -Sharon

    1. You are welcome. What I really meant to say was, I don't have to be right knowing Who really is right. Such peace.


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