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Wonderful Words of Life...

     Words... I love them.  I love reading them and using them.  I sometimes get mad at them.  They follow me constantly. I am never free of them. 
     Growing up, words were my best friends.  They were always there when I needed them.  They never let me down.  They filled any boring minute and flowed out of my mouth freely and randomly.  Then, I believed everything I thought and said.  I didn't think about if my words benefited those who listened.  Words at that time were for my usage and enjoyment.
     Much later in life, after dating, marriage, and birthing babies, I began to see that my words were not effectual in making my husband feel loved and respected.  Nor did I hear my children being blessed and affirmed by my usage of words. Have you ever had to correct your children verbally on the way to school and then after dropping them at the door, all you hear on the trip home is the sound of your own voice going on and on?  Or maybe there was something you wanted to quickly communicate to your husband before he left for work and as his vehicle drove away, you heard the whine of your own voice loud and clear above the literal noise of the tires on gravel or the growl of the engine.
      When you have lived most of life saying anything and everything that comes to mind, it is not easy to change, but by the grace of God it is possible.
      I said earlier that words used to be my best friend.  Now, I still like them but don't feel so easy with them.  They have let me down and they aren't always there when I need them.  I am learning that sometimes kind, quiet behaviour is better than words.  I'm finding that a few choice words packed with truth and wisdom, [sometimes in the form of Bible verses] have more power than a lot of noisy words mindlessly spoken.
      For a time, words were my enemy.  I fought them, bit them off, held them back, ignored them, and tried to squash them to death.  This I tried, by not saying anything.  Or at least by not saying whatever it was I was thinking of saying.
      Then, I started to read scripture and hear others testify to the life that words brought to them and I realized that to not say words wasn't properly handling the Word of Truth.  The Proverbs are full of the pros and cons of words.  And so is real life.  Simply not talking isn't what God had in mind for the usage of words.
     Word should be used sparingly and be well kept.  These kinds of words are packed with life and meaning.  They smite through to the heart of the matter and gleam with truth. The grace and kindness with which they are endowed make the truth soak in a little deeper to the soul, bringing about changes.  Words are needed for life.  Words are beautiful if used correctly. They have the ability to make things flourish and also the ability to tear things apart. 
     I am reaping the benefits in communicating with my husband and children since learning caution in speaking words.  My children seem happier and more respectful towards Bruce and I.  My husband...  My teacher... Words cannot express how deeply this choosing of words has breathed life into our marriage. In a marriage, words aptly spoken are like gold to the relationship.

Thought for today:  What words are you using?  Words of death or words of life?


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