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I've always had sisters so I don't know what life is like without them.  I am smack in the middle of five girls in my family. The two older than I, are at the beginning of our family of nine. I was only five when my oldest sister married and the few weekends she was home from her "big girl job" in the city somewhere in Michigan, I didn't value her bossing around at all.  I remember flat out telling her, while she was washing dishes, and I was drying them, that I liked her better when she was away.  Please understand, I was only about four at the time.

 My other older sister left when I was ten to go teach school in Virginia.  I was impressed with the crocodile tears I found floating down my cheeks while we watched her airplane take off.  I still remember the airline, TWA, that she flew with this eventful day of my life.  That was the first I felt the pain of separation with a sister.  I suspect now, I was more concerned who would be giving me gum now that she was gone.  

My younger sisters always were.  I never thought of anything without them. We were a team. Fans of one another. We fought openly and often.  Always lovingly.  I never remember hating them. I was shocked to figure out after I was married and about a month into married life that there was a big gap in my heart caused from not hearing my sisters thoughts, opinions, and affirmation.  We were a formidable bond, and it still stands, tho, things have changed.  Husbands and babies will do that to you.

Today, I ache when they go through the dark days of post par tum.  I feel the same pain when its HARD to get up and go the next morning because you were up all night with a teething, ear achy baby.  I understand the anger and frustration that is coming out your pores when the baby cries again after you just took care of every need you could think of. When all you want is to finish one project in your house or have one conversation with your husband.  I know how the lack of sleep distorts any clear, rational thinking and you cannot believe there will be a day in the future that you will actually be inspired to play the piano again or bake a thing of beauty. 

I want to tell you, that you will one day again, want to catch up on music, reading, and other usual interest.  Probably, that is unimportant right now, seems even nebulous.  Maybe it's a thought that feels more like a burden than a desire.  I want to encourage you with what I know and understand and even that feels more like a burden than a desire.  Words can't fix these things of life that are intense and important.  It takes time and grace.  Letting go of much and holding on to little.

To all sisters out there, here is the little that is important to hold on to:  - Turn off all media
       - Take good vitamins, the ones your body needs 
       -Read only small portions of scripture daily
      - Focus on God's truth about all circumstances
      -Don't believe your own thoughts too strongly; realize you're too tired to be rational.  Be OK with that.
     - Stay away from "moments for mom" devotional books.  Maybe I was weird, but those books could send me to the depths faster than I could say "scat!". After all, they were only more noise and opinions, AKA, clutter for the brain.
     -The routine cleaning, pickup is constant.  Don't stress that it never gets done.  That's how its suppose to be.  Only little old ladies that don't have kids at home, have houses that stay clear of toys, papers, scissors, and rocks.  I'll bet they're lonely too. Or bored maybe.
      -Eliminate projects as much as possible.  As long as everyone is clothed, fed, and cleaned, that's what matters. Burlap covered lampshade projects are a nuisance in some cases. 
      -Be ye thankful.  Practice being thankful for the clutter, dirt, and noise.  If you don't feel it, fake it.  THIS WORKS!
      -If this list is not you, don't hesitate to burn it.  Find your own list. Don't be guilty about other peoples list.

                                 These sisters, are my daughters

                       This sister is a friend...

                     Three of my real sisters...

                 Real sisters and friend sisters...

                   Carol is more like a real sister

                    Friend sister...

                     Another friend sister...
                                         My sister April's sisters....

                         My real sister...

To all sisterhood, I salute you...  I love you... 


  1. I Love You, Too ! And I don't remember you telling me that at all. I probably thought you were too young to cut any ice anyhow with me so it totally didn't register. So I was equally as nasty to you at that moment, if you think about it. So glad you are part of my sister circle. You matter now to me, no question.

    1. Amen! You and Evie matter a lot to me. You are the older ones who have gone before... And you made it through...

  2. I saw a documentary of sisters that some photographer did over a forty year span. All forty years of pictures told such a neat story without words. I like how you include your sister friends. And I am so TIRED!!!!! I took the apps off my phone that are messing with my brain and MAKING myself look for good things and am being happy that I vacuumed under the couch today. Good post.....We sisters are pretty amazing most the time.

    1. What was the name of the documentary? Would love to see it. Congratulations on knowing what your list of things that drain you are. Love you through the tired...

  3. Beautiful words. And I like how you give permission to get your own list! :) You do have good advice. And I am so glad to be one of your friend sisters. Whenever we finally have the occasion to communicate, I always get a warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude that I am so blessed to have you in my life! Love and a hug!

    1. Awwhh Jenn, me too! And I love your quiet wisdom as well. It speaks strength to my soul.


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