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Remember This?

We have been hearing a lot about the need to pray. Also the need to ask other people to pray for us and with us about particular things.  Not only all that, but to pray constantly.

I stated to a friend after prayer meeting last night that it feels wrong to ask people to pray for "our own messes" . She says that is why we should ask for help in prayer for our messes.  It humbles us.  She had a point.

  So, we humbly ask for help in this mess we have.  Pray that God would send a buyer for this beautiful house on Oxford Rd.  We want to pay our debts and honor God better with our finances.  Pray however God shows you we need prayer, for we are well aware we are needy.  We need your help. 
 The copper bar....The one thing that is throwing people off from buying.  We would replace it if we could afford it.
  We loved it but it's falling off the edges.  We did it for ourselves and learned we would do it again, only more professionally.  We know you won't be able to pray that problem away without our actual doing it, but we're hoping someone can overlook this and view it as a plus so they can put in their own counter top. One of their own liking.


  1. I rather like that copper bar! And honestly I would want a house I purchased to be in need of some updates so I could make it my own!
    Praying you find a buyer soon - and that God gives you peace in the process!

    1. Thank you for that encouragement! I know He answers right on time. I've been trying to get the nerve to comment on your beautiful blog and stalled since I don't know you...Shame on me. :) Shilah


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