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On Living Rooms, Dogs, and Cleaning.

Don't worry, I haven't totally lost my mind.  Just saying what's current in my little world...
Snoopy has a hard life... He still gets roughly kissed by Shaunti each and every day.  When she's gone to school he mopes.
 Here, he is in avoidance mode.  He's ticked that I cleaned the living room and piled cushions on his favorite spot.  He keeps looking over trying to decide if its worth the effort of jumping on the heap.
 He decided it was better to walk out to the kitchen and think about it.  He's wondering when the mad cleaner woman will chill and go leave him alone to contemplate his complicated life.
 Please come visit with me.  I finally dusted after you don't want to know how long.  Maybe back in August?  It cleaned up nice...

            What I strive to do each day...
 If you prefer we could sit here with a cup of hot cider and talk about nothing... That's fun too.
My way to smell citrus and lift the darkness that is oozing into this fall season.  About four in the afternoon, it's time for a good sniff. Of citrus that is... Stay thankful...


  1. Poor Snoopy! You really ought to leave his throne alone! :) Been loving your latest posts. Keep it up and I'll be over for that cup of cider and talk about nothing one of these days.......

    1. Oh Jenn, that would be ever so lovely to sit and chat with you. Forty is coming sooner than later. :)

  2. Oh yeah! I liked this post. I'll be right over. You've joined the chalkboard geeks. Good for you. I love mine, too. Have a good day.

    1. Where have you been the last while? I heard you are empty nesters so was planning on a whole plethora of sister updates and new post on your blog. Hhmmm...

  3. Now the boys want a house dog. I told them that you have time to clean so it works to have a dog in your house. But in my house I only have three boys who keep it dirty enough without a dog in the mix. They didn't even defute me....they knew it was true! I'm keeping track of what year it is too....and 40 looks really good just for this event! :)


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