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There Will Always Be Flowers...

    Life has its moments of despair and confusion.  Some plans might not work out as you had wished.  Some days you have to practise giving thanks to remember that God has the best path through the maze.
    And then, there are glimpses of the eternal when you notice a miracle take place in front of your eyes; glimpses of God at work that nobody else would view as a miracle but that's what it means to you.
     You might be given a small plot of land that is full of rocks and boulders and broken down fences but if you get out of bed at six and go out to the gardens that are there among the rocks, boulders, and broken down fences, with a cup of blessed coffee in hand you might see that there will always be flowers somewhere in the midst of the broken down rock walls.  You might have to look for them but they can be found.  There may not be an abundance of choices to pick from but a few clippings of the flowers that are there thrown together in an old, green, mason jar might just seem like a miracle from God on that day.
     On those days you feel the despair and confusion about what God is doing in your life, Remember to look for the flowers. They can be found and will be your miracle; meager as they may seem to someone else.


  1. Yes. I came back to read this after our discussion. I think this week is a week where I will have to look for the flowers.


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