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More of June Gone By...

  The little Skrivseth cousins when Ivan and Dena were here.  They soon changed this scene into running around the tiny back yard, wherein the one guy about cut his little toe off on a sharp rock.  They had to get stitches put in the next morning.

The whole family went with Bruce to EMT training one evening...

It was pediatrics.  So strapping little bodies to the back boards was good hands on practise.

This guy was a little big for pediatrics...

How many EMT's does it take to change a light bulb?  I don't know.  Depends on how many straps are available.

Mom turned 70 this week...I'm proud to call that young looking 70 year old my mom...

Dayton and Judy hosted the party... Thankyou very much!

Christian is the baby of the year for our parties..
The fire was beautiful and so was the coffee and the company...


  1. Enjoyed your pictures...especially like that one of the 'little Skrivseth cousins'!! Could you please email that picture to me?? :-)

    1. Sure thing Dena, send me your email tho. I think I have a very old one and not sure if it works anymore.

    2. same one...I'm

  2. Yeah, this is a good post. Thanks, Shilah.

  3. Your life is interesting.....your parents are special.....miss you, friend!


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