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What's Up?

I was asked to arrange flowers at Jevon & Priscilla's wedding.  This was her bouquet.  She had Christmas colors which were very pretty.

This is what is taking up all our time.  We bought this house in town.  It was foreclosed on and now that she is ours we know why.

First, we had this big tree in our back yard that needed to come down so we can put in a storage shed and have room for a garden.

Bruce hired a North Bench Fire Department buddy to climb and cut as he went.  He limbed his way to the top and then started lopping off the big stuff from the top down three foot pieces at a time.

Scared the stuffing right out of us watching...  That is not a moon on this photo.  I think its a water spot on the camera lens. Wish I could claim the moon theory.

A nice surprise.  Hardwood floors. We might uncover the kitchen eventually, but for now we just have to paint and get moved in.

Laife turned 14 in the midst...
 This graffiti is in Laife's bedroom of the house in town.  He wanted to keep it.  I thought it looked like someone was very talented and a little bit angry maybe. It now is covered with two coats of kilz and will get painted soon.

The kitchen and dining. Really there is no dining.  I bet we'll figure out where to eat though.

The basement was full of surprises.  Half of it is a boulder and the other half is on a crumbling foundation.  We now have a guy in there putting in block around the base for new foundation.  The plan is to make two small bedrooms for the girls.
The laundry room will be turned into a half bath and we'll put the laundry under the steps.  We are supposed to be out of our current house by the 22cd and into this by then.  Shaunti told me a couple days ago that "That's impossible".  My thoughts exactly.  We are trying.