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Happy Fall, Thanksgiving, and Whatever Else You Want to Call It...

I know its not very wordy but sometimes pictures say more than words. Not in this case probably. Just trying to make it OK not to write anything much.

Our autumn went zooming by without a moment to catch our breath. I realized this morning that we got through when I saw snow on the ground.  Fall is over and Winter has started. I can't remember the details of it all, aren't you glad? Now I don't have to bore you with it.  Highlights are as follows: School starting.  Jeep transmission problems which took a month to figure out.  Buying a car. Taking a road trip to a wedding and relatives in OR. Putting the house for sale.  Selling the Honda. Training in a new sub for the mail job. Laife's baptismal. A 4x4 deer shot by Laife. School sale projects in full swing. And so much more I can't remember. Life. I haven't honestly liked everything in the last couple months but am thankful at the end of it I can say thank you to God who brings me through every time in spite of my doubting, wanderings, and moments of despair.  
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  1. I especially like your last sentence. Real but always hopeful. We need to catch up some day soon! And I hope I get one of those pretty family pics for my bulletin board! :-) Love you!


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