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I Got Sumpin to Say...

I have a whole summers worth of lessons floating around in my head' so beware.  No, I will not bore you with all of the clutter but a few basics that I need to say for the record.  Here goes...

When I was young and immature, my sisters and I would make funnies about a man we knew, whom I will call "Mr. Monotone".  We would mimic him and his behaviour as we folded the couch full of clothes for our patient mother.  She would hear us and even laugh at us occasionally but more often than not she would say, "Now girls, that man is somebodies daddy and some ladies husband".  At the time I only understood that I felt sorry for the kids and wife.  Now I know what my mom meant.  The hard way.  God is good in showing Himself and His ways to us.

Here is what I should have understood.  God blessed a union and called that married-in-love-couple, a home. He gave them children.  He said in His Word; "Wives see that you reverence your husbands." He did not say "if your husband deserves it or is worthy of respect"; He said only "respect."  For the men, He commands love. Not if the wife is pretty enough or sweet enough. Just love. For the children, obey.  Not if they understand the rules or like them, just obey.

So, lesson learned? No matter how weird or odd someones husband is; that man is someones husband and some precious children's daddy.  And more than likely, they love him dearly.  Why break a child's heart or a wife's?  They are given directions how to do in Gods word.  What is the point in discouraging those imperfect people by slander or unkindness?  Are we not all imperfect?  Are we not all in need of a Saviour?  Hopefully, most people have that all figured out long before I do.  I am such a slow learner and I often let what others say or think about me rule me.  This I know, is not what God wants.  He wrote my directions down.  Clear ones. 

 Another thing my mom would quote from scripture... "Great peace have they that love Thy law and nothing shall offend them."  It's true you know.  I had pretty good teaching. Of this I am sure.  Teach your families what's in the Bible and we will win this fight of faith... We will overcome!


  1. Your Mom was/is a wise woman, and you will pass such wisdom on to your daughters, I am sure! :-)


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