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You Make Beautiful Things...


If you wonder what we do for fun... Wonder no more... We garden... We were all out there till dark the other night pulling weeds.  So far I've put away 4 big bowls of strawberries... Peas are next.  Soon.

This is my verse for today... I wish I could explain what it means to me.  I did change the wording a little. Gal 5:6  if you want to know what it really says.

God makes all things beautiful in His time.  Who am I that God should do things my way?  He alone is God and I surrender to His way... 

Yesterday during another downpour I found each member of the house doing these things...  Toria reading on her bed with the door shut.

The guys doing a caveman thing... watching a documentary from the library. 

Shaunti reading as well.  She finally is spellbound with a book. She read for an hr solid without me urging her on... I love that my children like to read.  It makes me feel like such a good mom.
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  1. Your blog has just been eye candy like crazy lately! Such beauty you create! ~amy

  2. You are a good mom, Shilah. Nice post.

  3. Oh thanks, you two. Glad for the acknowledgement...


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