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This month...

For family fun night, Laife & Benj and a couple girls from their class built this killer whale.  It really was very good but my pathetic camera and the school gym are no match...

April's 34th birthday...

The loot.  Dishes, soap, chocolate etc...

I found a roll of wallpaper at the thrift store for .99 cents.  It fit perfectly on this wall in the living room.

You can kind of see the texture here but again, my pathetic camera doesn't do it justice.  I love it!  I walk into my living room and feel kinda classy for about a minute.

Of course, with birthday parties you have to have chocolate and cake.  Sharon had a birthday too but I didn't get any pictures of that.  Sixteen of us ladies went to Jalepenos in Sandpoint and had a lovely evening making Sharon feel good and forty.  Speaking of chocolate, Sharon recieved a lot of it.  I wonder if her family knows.
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  1. Oh April you look great!! Shilah, I love those thrift store deals too.

  2. Ha, my family knows where I selfishly stashed my chocolates and they very eagerly help me! :)
    We've had some lovely birthday parties haven't we?


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