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Security… Love… Peace…
Saturday morning, I am making waffles and eggs. My five year old traipses into the kitchen with sleepy eyes and asks, “Where’s Daddy?” I answered that he was in bed and why did she want to know. “I want to “cuzzle” with him.” That has been the standard answer. {Cuzzle meaning cuddle. } Cuzzle sounds less cuddly yet has all the same benefits.
Later that evening at bedtime, Lights are off and everyone is tucked into bed. I leave my bedroom to check on things in the dining/kitchen. I hear a cautious “mommy” coming from the darkness in the living room. A light flipped on exposes a tired little girl with arms full of floppy, white bunny and black and white cat. It appears the stuffed animals are helping her through the darkness all to get one more drink.
Next morning… Sunday morning rush to get out the door and to church. For once, we are all ready before leaving time. I glance out the back door to the patio and see five year old in bright orange camp chair looking up at her daddy with a face full of admiration. They are holding a conversation I cannot hear but she is content, secure, and happy at her daddy’s feet.
I pray that despite the need for cuzzles, floppy bunnies and daddy’s presence she will one day know that her father in heaven can be this same security she feels now from her earthly father. I thank God for the physical picture He gave me of showing me my need of going to God with every insecurity, sorrow, or fear just as my five year old in complete confidence comes to us for her needs.



  1. I like your posting. Do it more often.
    I had the best idea from
    Isn't this the neatest idea? I can't wait to do it.
    I think "cuzzle" is just as cozy as cuddle.

  2. :-) Ryan used to use 'cuzzle' when he was little...didn't know anybody else did! ;-)


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