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   I've been thinking about kindness...  I never used to have as much trouble with it as I do now that I am older and "more mature".  Or maybe I was always unkind naturally and am finally noticing.
  Someone recently mentioned the old saying about how we are like a cup filled with something and that when we are bumped what spills out? 
  Also, in trying to teach the children to be kind to each other... How do they learn kindness if their very own mommy has trouble with it?
 I think to get to the bottom I have to realize that it is plain selfishness that makes me grouch at them when the kids ask another question.  It's selfishness when I have to be grouchy about helping someone do a five minute chore.  Interruptions are part of the big picture...  It's like the cup of water being bumped.  As my husband likes to say..."It's part of the story." 
  One goal for this new year... Practice kindness.  Develop compassion.  Know that I can't avoid getting bumped but practice letting God's love and kindness spill out...


  1. Ouch! And I was just growling to myself this very morning about "interruptions" after dealing with my two year old, again...ouch! Thanks, I need more kindness too. The very ones we love the most are also the ones that see us at our worst. :-(

  2. But I'm right, so it's okay, right? NO? I know being right doesn't make unkindness legal. Maybe unkindness even cancels being right, in a way. Dad always said, "If you can talk nice, don't talk at all."

  3. And the part that hit me is the selfishness thing. Would life be less a burden and chore if I wasn't so selfish? You're so all comes out in how kind I am in my day to day bumps. Thanks for posting this. I needed the reminder/ encouragement.

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean...but when WILL they learn!! I just came from scrubbing bathtubs...the bathrooms were have to been cleaned yesterday...and the rest of it was! You would think when 2 girls who are the only ones using the bathroom at this point...the one 23 and the other 14...that they would CARE a little!! Oh well, I needed to let off some maybe I will be kinder when I get ahold of them! LOL!!

  5. Kindness is more important than so many other values we think we have. Try unkindness as a way of life for awhile. Kindness becomes clear,cold water.


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