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The Oregon Coast and Family Reunion

It was beautiful!  All five day we were there.  Very unusual for Oct they said.  I have so many pictures and so much has happened; I can't think what to pick and choose.  
Me and my beautiful daughters.
Grandma June took the camera with the crew that went crabbing... They even caught a starfush.   The crab were very good of course.

Many hours were spent playing on the beach.  More later... 
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  1. Nice little post, Shilah. Hope you're back soon.

  2. Those were treasured moments in our book of time!
    ...the "dash of reality" for us is that tomorrow 28 people come in to be hosted! :)

  3. We liked your 'sunset over the beach' piture...we were at the beach here a couple weeks ago...we couldn't get the sunset over the beach...only sunrises!!! Wonder why :-)


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