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Quote from another book...

So, I'm showing my laziness if I keep quoting from books... I admit I have been sneaking in a few reads. The summer memorization with the kids is failing miserably. They know a part of Psalm 23. Laife says he knows it already because he learned it in school but I noticed he can't say it through to me. Hmmm..

It just got warm enough to enjoy summer fun. Bruce set up our tiny, little pool and every afternoon possible you will find them in there playing with a set of snorkelers[ is that a word?] and what ever other crazy game they can come up with. Yesterday, Laife showed me how you can lasso all the crud in the pool into the middle bottom part... First you go in a fast circle around the perimeter of the pool five times{very important} and then jump out. This is a technique called "whirlpool". Also, was just thinking what you could possible find to snorkel in a two and half foot deep pool?

OK so the quote...Sutter's Crossing by W. Dale Cramer.... "A sow's ear. Ain't you ever noticed? I know you read your Bible. Seems like every time God needs somebody for something, he picks the last man anybody'd expect. If he wants to make a silk purse, He'll start with a sows ear every time. Like when he needed someone to kill a warrior giant, He went and got a skinny young'un with a rock. When He got in a fire-building contest, he first wet the wood. When He needed somebody to write a bunch of chapters for His book, He picked one of His worst enemies."

This was the point of view from an old woman. She was talking to a young man trying to get him to understand that you can't predict what God will do in a circumstance.


  1. I feel like I'm the sow's ear in my sons life. Hope it all turns out for good like you say....

  2. But the point is not the sow's ear nor yet the silk purse; it's about what God does.


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